Large Starter Pack 2

Included in Starter Pack 2:

1 of Each 4 Pack Melts in the Scents:

Ghost DN
Lost Sakura
Red Petals
Sweet Almond & Macaroon

Monkey farts 

1x Small Candle in the Scent:

Black Raspberry & Vanilla

1x Bag of Aroma Beads in the Scent:
Citrus Blossom

1x 50ml(Mini) Reed Diffuser in the Scent:
Cinnamon & Tangerine

1x 100ml Room Spray in the Scent:
Pink Sugar

1x Box of 8 Scented Tea-lights in the Scent:

Rouge 54

Additional Items:

10 Order Forms
10 Brochures
Darcey's Note Pad and Pen
Darcey's Ceramic Cup
1 Wax Melt Burner (Chosen at Random)

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