Representative FAQ’s

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers.

  1. How long will my order take to arrive?As Darceys products are all still made by hand, there is a 7-10 working day lead time from Date of Order to Date of Dispatch. All orders (aside from collection orders) are dispatched by DPD next day delivery,  We recommend a 10 day turnaround for each order although at quieter times we are able to get the orders out faster and when it is very busy e.g. at Christmas time there can be a slight delay.If your order has taken more than 10 days to arrive please use the contact form for an update. Please do not request an order update within 10 days of placing your order unless it is an emergency.

  2. What does the order status mean?Each order goes through 4 stages from the date of order to the date of dispatch, you can check the status of your order in the “My Orders” Section of our website. Here are the different status’s and what they mean:Processed: This means your order has been accepted and payment gone through.
    Printed: This means your order has been printed and sent to the workshop to be pulled.
    Ready for Collection: If you collect your orders you will be able to collect now.
    Dispatched: This means your order has been collected or if you have it delivered it means it has gone to the courier.
  3. I have a faulty product what do I do?If you have a faulty product please use the contact form.

  4. I have a complaint who do I contact?If you have a complaint please use the contact form.
  5. There’s something missing from my order?If something is missing from your order please use the contact form. 
  6. How often can I place an order?Orders can be placed once per week, please ensure that all orders are received before placing it through the website as orders cannot be added to once they are placed.

  7. Can I add onto an order that has already been placed?No, once an order is placed it cannot be added to.
  8. Can I have an order sent direct to a customer?No, distribution is part of your responsibility as a representative. Your customer can order directly through our website if they would like their order sent directly to them, however, you would not receive commission for this.

  9. How is my commission paid?Sales commission is paid in the way of a discount. All products on the website are discounted by 25% when you are logged in with the exception of reps tools and soy tea lights. When you collect the payment from your customers and place your order, what’s left over when you make your payment is your commission. This allows you the freedom to offer special offers exclusively to your customers.
  10. What is the returns policy?If an item is faulty you can return the item to Darceys and the cost of return will be met by Darceys.If a customer has changed their mind about a product or don’t like the smell it can be returned to Darceys for a refund as long as it is in as new, resellable condition. The cost of return is met by the representative.
  11. Do I need to pay tax on my commission?Darceys Representatives and Ambassadors are self-employed and are responsible for registering with HMRC to declare their earnings. Tax paid will depend on income. More information can be found here.
  12. Do I need public liability insurance?Public liability insurance is not a legal requirement however it is recommended to have this if you are working with the public particularly if you are regularly doing fayres or parties. You can find more information about public liability insurance here.
  13. What are the specs of each product?Full product information can be found on page 5 of the Darceys Brochure.
  14. Is Darceys CLP compliant?All of Darceys products comply with EU CLP Regulations.A full breakdown of ingredients and hazard statements is available here. 
  15. What is CLP?The CLP Regulation (for “Classification, Labelling and Packaging”) is a European Union regulation from 2008, which aligns the European Union system of classification, labelling and packaging of chemical substances and mixtures to the Globally Harmonised System (GHS).
  16. How long does the brochure last?The brochure lasts for 12 Months from February until January.
  17. How often do we do special offers?There are two main offers run at the momentScent of the Week: This is a different scent each week and all products available in that scent are reduced by 10%. Scent of the week runs from Wednesday to Wednesday inclusive with Wednesday acting as a cross over day when you can order both.

Fortnightly Offer: The fortnightly offer runs from Wednesday to Wednesday (Wednesday is a cross-over day when you can order both fortnightly offers)

Flash Sales: We also run Flash Sales every few months where one or more items is highly discounted for one night only.

Last Day Sales Push: On the last day of each month we put on all of the Scent of the Week and Fortnightly offers that have been available through the month.

  1. When can I announce the special offers?In most cases Special Offers cannot be announced publically until their start date so fortnightlies can be announced on Wednesdays (Midnight on the Tuesday night) and Monthly offers can be announced on the 1st of the month.
  2. What is a hostess gift?Each month Darceys offer a gift for people who host a Darceys Party, they receive the hostess gift if the sales from the party are over £200 (£150 reps prices). The hostess gifts changes each month and is always an item that is not available to purchase separately.

  3. How do I claim the hostess gift?

    When you are placing your order, put a note in the comments box to say that it is a party order.
  4. Can I claim the hostess gift if I host the party myself?Yes you can.

  5. What is the reps group forThe reps Facebook group is an information group where Head Office share updates, progress and announcements with representatives.The group is also used to ask for opinions on new products or scents and we also run Friday night fun on some Friday nights where we play a game and all reps can get involved to win prizes.
  6. What is an Ambassador?Ambassadors are representatives who recruit, train and support their own team of representatives and earn a commission from team sales.
  7. How do I become an Ambassador?If you are interested in joining the Ambassador programme you should speak to your upline (the ambassador who recruited you) about the opportunity, they will take you through how it works, work with you to make sure you are equipped with the knowledge required to start building and supporting a team and then when they think you are ready they will nominate you for the programme.

  8. What are the opening hours of the workshop?The workshop is open Mon-Fri 9.30am until 4.30pm. Sometimes it is open at the weekends, when this is the case it is open from 10am until 3pm. The opening hours are subject to change so please check before going to collect and order.
  9. What are the opening hours of the office?

    The office at the workshop is manned Mon-Fri 9.30am until 3.30 pm. Any  emails sent out with this time when be answered once the office reopens. If you have an emergency you can contact directly using the phone number on our website.
  10. Where can I find pictures to use?I would highly recommend creating your own images and content, however you can also use any image shared by Clare, Jackie or the Darceys Head Office Team.If another rep shares a picture that you would like to use, always ask permission before using it, unless permission has been given in the comments. If the picture is posted publically on their own profile or page, send them a pm to ask permission, don’t comment on the post asking permission. Please remember that this post has a purpose and reps commenting asking permission to use it devalues it.
  11. Are there any files I can use?There is a files section in the reps Facebook group which contains files such as sweepstake sheets, bingo cards etc.
  12. What is the starter pack?The starter pack is available to purchase once per brochure year and contains 20 Brochures, 20 Order Forms and a sample of each of our Main Brochure Scents. It costs £30 and is available to purchase in the Rep Essential Section of the Website.
  13. What is the party pack?The party pack is available to purchase once per brochure year and contains 1 box of melts, 1 Large Candle, 1 Small Candle, 1 Room Spray, 1 Reed Diffuser and 1 Bag of Aroma Beads. You can find the party pack in the rep essentials section of the website