The Ambassador Programme

What is Multi-Level Marketing?

Multi-Level Marketing, also known as network marketing is a marketing strategy in which the sales force is compensated not only for sales they personally generate but also for the sales of others they recruit, creating a downline of distributors and a hierarchy of multiple levels of compensation.

There are several benefits to becoming an Ambassador. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who didn’t want to work for themselves! Choose their own hours, never have to call in sick or struggle for childcare.

Being your own boss is the ultimate draw to the Multi-Level Marketing role. Another benefit is the possibility of high earnings. There are literally limitless possibilities when you become an ambassador. Your team can continue to grow, and as it does so do your earnings. When you take a job as a shop floor assistant in Tesco, what are the chances of you overtaking a store manager on the pecking order?

With Multi-Level Marketing, you can do just that. There could be an Executive ambassador 3 levels above you and there’s no reason why you can’t make it to Pro before they do if you are willing to give it 100%. Being able to offer this opportunity to others is another big benefit. Knowing there is someone out there just searching for an opportunity and you could be the person to give it to them. You could help someone change their life!

You’re role as an Ambassador.

As an Ambassador, you will be responsible for recruiting, training and supporting a team of representatives. In return, you will receive a commission on your team sales. The amount of commission you earn will depend on the size of team you have and how they are performing.

Before you go and begin recruiting new team members it is very important that you take the time to read through this article and understand how the programme works. A common mistake for new Ambassadors is the presumption that if they go and recruit lots of and lots of people they will start earning lots and lots of money.

First, earning lots and lots of money does not happen for every Ambassador, there is a lot of work involved to develop a team to the level where you can expect high earnings and even more work is involved in sustaining that level.

There are three key elements to the Ambassador Programme and all of them are equally important.

– The first element of the programme is recruitment, getting out and finding new representatives to join your team. There are many ways you can do this which I will touch on further in the article. Recruitment can be a numbers game but it is important when recruiting, to concentrate on quality instead of quantity. Reps who never place an order simply take your time with no returns.

Train – As an Ambassador, it is vital that you provide your team with the information they need to make sales. We provide basic product training during the initial onboarding process, we provide the brochure and safety leaflets and there is lots of information on the representatives Facebook group that can be used. It is important that you create an online Group for your team where you can share important information directly with them.

Support – This is one of the most important parts of the Ambassador role! Each member of your team should expect to have a personal relationship with you. This doesn’t mean they can get a response from you 24 hours a day, however, you should be approachable and willing to help with their needs.

The Compensation Plan

Darceys Ambassador Programme provides an opportunity to increase your earnings and as with most team building programmes, the commission levels increase as your team develops. Ambassador levels are awarded on a month to month basis so you may be promoted or demoted in any given month depending on your team performance.

Non-Qualified (N/Q): –

Junior Ambassador (JA): – This is the first qualifying level on the programme. This level is reached when you have personal sales of £50, team sales of £150 and you must have at least 1 active team member. At this level, you earn only from your tier 1 team.

Supervising Ambassador (SUPERVISING): – This is the second qualifying level on the programme. This level is reached when you have personal sales of £150, team sales of £1,000 and you have at least 1 active team members.

Senior Ambassador (SA): – This is the third qualifying level on the programme. This level is reached when you have personal sales of £250 team sale of £5000.00 and you must have at least 5 active team members.

Executive Ambassador (EA): – This is the fourth qualifying level on the programme. This level is reached when you have personal sales of £350.00, team sales of £10k and 10 active team members.

Pro Ambassador (PA):
– This is the final qualifying level in the programme. This level is reached when you have personal sales of £400, team sales of £20k and 20 active team members.

Team Building

This is your first task as an Ambassador, to go out and find people to join your team. One of the main things to remember is that you are looking for quality, not quantity.

Many network marketers just go out and try and add as many people as possible to their team without making sure the person is really interested or really understands what they are getting into. There are a few vital things you need to understand before starting to build your team!

First, you need to decide if you love the products. Obvious, right? You’d think so, but some people get started without even getting to know the products let alone have a real deep love for them. You must really, really love what you are selling so that you can describe the product to your prospective new team members. How you feel will undoubtedly rub off on them.

Always be mindful of other Ambassadors, particularly when using social media if you see that another Ambassador has commented on a direct selling post, either scroll past or if you are feeling helpful, comment on their reply confirming that it is a good opportunity and wish the ambassador all the best. Positivity between Ambassadors is never a bad thing.

Go outside!!! Social media is fantastic and has played a big part in getting us to where we are today but if you only use the internet to build your team you will miss out on so many awesome potential representatives. Make sure you go outside and meet people, speak to people, tell them your story and get them on board.

Finally, create some content. When you get speaking to someone about becoming a representative you need to make sure you have information to back it up. This could be in the way of a blog, a website, some interesting Facebook posts, etc. And a group is a must, a place where your team can get together and support each other in a small close knit environment. The main reps group is great but it is getting massive.

Finding Team Members in Day to Day Life

Finding team members will come easier to some Ambassadors than it will for others, people who are outgoing and generally extroverted are probably going to grow a team quickly because of their ability to talk to anyone anywhere. If this isn’t your personality type don’t worry, there are other methods to finding people, however, if you want to grow fast I suggest getting out of your comfort zone and learning to talk to strangers.

You can find a prospective team member anywhere, on the bus at the shop or even when standing in the queue at the post office. The key is conversation! Obviously, you aren’t going to tap the person in front of you on the shoulder and say “hey, fancy selling some candles”. There are plenty of ways to break the ice. If you’re lucky their tag will be sticking out or their purse hanging from their pocket and you can be the kind Samaritan pointing it out, this opens the gate for dialogue.

So, take the post office scenario the lady in front of you has left her bag open, you say “hey, did you know your bag is open?” maybe she did, maybe she didn’t but she will appreciate your honesty. You can then go on to chat about the post office, it’s a good one, it’s a bad one, either way, keep them engaged. Then you can tell her why you are at the post office, you are sending out some samples, make a joke about being able to smell them through the packaging. This opens the question “what do you do”. Bingo! Now you can share the opportunity. If she is interested, offer to take her number so you can call her with more information. If she doesn’t want to give you her number that’s okay, just hand her a card with your details on it so she can get in touch when she’s ready.

Now she may go for it and join up, she may not, but what did you lose? You were in the queue anyway it didn’t take any time that you wouldn’t already have been standing there. But now you have a potential rep and maybe even a phone number. This is just one example of how you can find prospective reps in your day to day life, next time you are going into town, make sure you have some cards with you and set yourself a target to speak to at least 2 people about the opportunity. Go with that in mind and see how you get on.

Finding Team Members Online

This is the method most direct selling companies use which is why I suggest you only using it as part of your recruitment plan! It is a saturated market but it is a market, all the same, you need to make sure that the opportunity you are offering is more appealing than all the others.

 “If you are at the top of the game, you must be there for a reason, right? And if you can rub some of your success onto me then I can get to the top, right? Wow! I want to join your team”

Before you start posting on buy and sell pages along with every other direct selling team leader on the planet, make sure you have some serious online substance. Create a website that you can link to in your posts. On your website have a bit about you, a photo of you looking super successful maybe standing beside a super flashy car (no one must know you are in the Mercedes showroom), outline your successes and your experience and make it clear why they should choose you as their leader and mentor.

Have a page with information about the products, one about hosting a party and one with information about becoming a rep. Remember more than half of the people who become a rep start out as customers, so make sure your website is inviting to customers too. If you are creative, or just like to talk you can add a blog to your website, share your thoughts and ideas about products, sales techniques etc. Create content that people want to read.

Now that you have a website to link to, you can start spreading the word about Darceys and the opportunity you have to offer. Start by posting in your own customer circle, on your group, your page and your own personal profile. You never know, there may be some friends just waiting to join.

Training and Support

As I may have mentioned already, this is an integral part of your roles as an Ambassador! You can have 200 members of your team but if you aren’t supporting and training them to perform then they are just names on a statement.

Each representative works for themselves, they build their own little business, their own little empire and they don’t report to anyone.  That being said, your commission and your ambassador status will depend on their performance so ensuring that they have the knowledge and tools required is your responsibility.

Once you have a team name you should create your Facebook Team Group. This is where you will share valuable tools and information with your team, any content that you have created and any team incentives you are running. The key with a team group is consistency if you can post something new every day great! If you can’t then try and set up a pattern, every two or three days is fine as long as it’s consistent.

Incentives are a fantastic way to motivate your team. You can ask at any time for team performance update which will outline the areas your team needs to improve on for you to level up, you can use the and work your incentives around it.

Developing your Downline

This is a crucial part of the process if you want to rise through the Ambassador ranks! Recruiting a load of reps yourself is great, but for your to advance you need to find some leaders too. You can see by looking at your Ambassador statement, who in your team is likely to be able to hold an Ambassador role, look for people with consistently high sales and those who are active on your team group, reps who are happy to help others with any tips and ideas. These are the people you should approach to discuss the Ambassador Programme.

Your reps can also come to you at any time to express an interest in joining the programme.

There is no set in stone entry period for the programme, however, nobody should be joining the programme until they have at the very least placed and received an order for a starter pack! If not, they will not be accepted.

Once you have had a chat with your prospective Ambassador about the programme you should link them to the FAQ’s and ensure that they are comfortable with them and would be able to answer them. Then link them to this guide to being an Ambassador, talk through each of the points with them and add your own insights and experiences.

When you feel completely comfortable and confident that the representative is ready to take on the responsibility of Ambassador you can nominate them for the programme using the nomination form which can be found in the Ambassador Facebook Group.

Please bare in mind that it is your responsibility to ensure that they are ready for this.

Once the nomination form has been completed, a notification will be sent to Andrew who will send out the Ambassador training to the prospective Ambassador. When they have completed the training and passed all tests they will be accepted into the programme.

At all times your team should feel comfortable and looked after . Encouragement to Gain orders are welcome but will not be tolerated if any member of teams are manipulated into placing orders , which results in upline promotions or gaining more commission.

If at any time a Representative or Ambassador feel no support is given to them by their upline and they have sufficient evidence to back this up , we will move them from the original team and place them to another.

Moving a Team Member or Ambassador will only Happen when HQ feels like the evidence warrants this.

Please always refer to the Agreements on the rep essentials part of the website .