Take a recruit from newbie to superstar

Well done on recruiting a Darcette! It’s so exciting to see the Darceys seed begin to grow.

Recruitment is a huge part of being an Ambassador and finding lots of team members will help you reach Pro Ambassador, however, there is much more to the programme than just a numbers game. As an ambassador, it is your job to recruit, train and support your team of representatives, pass on your knowledge and those of your team and allow them to grow.

So here are a few steps to help get them on the right track from day one!

1. Send them a message thanking them for joining your team, this may seem obvious but so many Ambassadors miss this vital step! This is so important because it lets them know that you are there for them and are keeping a

2. Check that they have been added to the reps Facebook group, if they aren’t in there, send them a message to ask if they’d like to be added.  Don’t add them straight away though, a link to the group is included in the welcome email and they should be given the chance to add themselves first.

3. Add your new team member to your team group and your upline’s team group if they are happy with this. If you haven’t already got a team group, please create one. The Darceys rep group is now very big with lots of members, this makes it difficult to keep up with announcements etc. on the page. Having your own team group means that you can take any important information and share it with your group when appropriate.

4. Tag the new team member in any videos in the Reps Group that you think are helpful, a good example of this is the live video about the starter pack and party pack. It has been proven that representatives perform better when they have purchased at least one of the packs.

Once you have followed all of the above steps, send another quick message just to let her/him know what you’ve done and remind them that you are available if they have any questions. I would suggest leaving them to their own devices at this point for about a week, give them a chance to get used to how everything works. After a week if you haven’t heard from them drop them a message to ask how they are getting on. You may want to have a chat about order days, or how to place an order.

From this point, keep an eye on their progress, watch how they interact on Social Media and how they do with sales. You should be able to get an idea of whether they would be a good match for the Ambassador programme.

If they haven’t approached you within four weeks about the Ambassador Programme and you see patterns that indicate they may be suitable, I would suggest approaching the subject with them, tell them how it works and let them decide if it’s for them.

Do not try to push people onto the Ambassador Programme immediately after joining the company, if they ask you about it, fair enough, but I would strongly advise you to give them a chance to get to know how we work and establish whether they would be suitable before bringing it up.

Everyone is individual and has their own process, some Ambassadors will do much more than this and they will most likely rise quicker to success, however, these are some basic steps that all Ambassadors should carry out when they recruit a new team member.