Become a Rep

‎ ‎What Does Being a Rep Involve?

Promote and sell Darcey's products and gain income from each product
sold in the way of 25% commission instantly deducted when you are logged
in on your Rep account.

What are the benefits of being a Rep with us:

Flexible working hours - become a Rep with us and work around family and full-time employment!

No targets or pressure to order.

HQ support & upline support.

Free digital marketing materials and support.

No sign-up fee.

Optional starter kits which can be purchased at any time.

Opportunity to create, build and expand your own team.

25% commission on all products across the site instantly applied before checkout.

Monthly incentive prizes from HQ & Monthly Games Days!

Weekly and monthly offers and discounts on products and bundles.

Earn extra income and work your own hours around your current circumstances today by joining as a rep!


How do I sign-up to become a Rep?

You can sign-up to become a rep by completing the contact form below.


What happens when I sign-up?

Once you have signed up with us, we will send you a confirmation
email along with details of your upline(if you have signed up under
someone, you will have their details already) if you haven't signed up
under someone, we will allocate you to an uplines team. They will also
be informed that you have signed up and provided with your email address
to get in touch with you to help get you started.


What do I do if I have been a Rep previously and wish to re-join?

If you aren't sure if you are still on our systems, you can get in
touch via email and we will get back to you asap with more details or sign up using the below form.


Follow Our Success!

Discover the Success Stories of Our Representatives and Their Love for our Brand.

Jo Hart

I was a customer at first years and years ago , I love the products and decided to join and become an ambassador and built a strong team what keeps building every day.

I love the products and scents and built a customer base what love the products too.

I love being apart off Darcey's and I can work this full time around my family xx

Jan Carnochan

Since I started last year being a Darcey's Rep, I've built my customer clientele from scratch. I have my regulars & the ones who buy to try but always come back to me to stock up on their favourite scents.

One customer in particular loves Bath Bombs so she now has a fortnightly order for mixture of Kids/Adults/Super-Size Bath Bombs. I've never had any complaints always compliments about how lovely Darcey's goodies are. As long as my customers are happy I'm happy, no matter how big or small their orders are!

Jodie O'Sullivan

Since I started being a Rep for Darceys 4 years ago I have built a good customer base and got to know loads of knew people and even made new friends.
I have one customer who orders twice a month as she loves the products that much.
My customers have also said they love the scents and the rooms smell amazing when they leave and go back in again. I also loved our washing wonders we sold these were amazing and I loved them and which they would come back. My favourite scent is Black Beauty I have all the products in this scent along with many other scents too. I have never had any complaints I’ve only ever had complements about how good Darceys are xx

Hannah Windsor & Donna Leonard

I started buying Darcey's off a local rep and got hooked straight away

The first wax I bought was Black Raspberry & Vanilla and is still my top seller today

This is my 8th year at Darcey's me and my sister donna run a huge team and love Darcey's products

Kim Maitland

I lived with my mother in law for 15 months due to saving (2
kids, 2 dogs and hubby) very small 😅 

However I was in full swing with darceys at the time,
fayres, private gifts ect. 

Well, we all know how sometimes it 'can' be difficult to
impress our mother in laws 😅 

Customer orders was piling through the door (at the time
before huge progression within darceys, was getting delivered to me to be
dispatched to my customers)

We would be going through them together smelling it all
before I was delivering them.

Now every birthday or Christmas she always appreciates
seeing Darceys in her gift from me! 

My no. 1 fan haha!