Wax Melt Sample Pots

Experience a world of luxury with our Wax Melt Sample Pot Kit. Indulge in the scents of Africa, Alien, Baby Powder, and more with 20 sample pots of fragrant wax. Transport yourself to exotic destinations with notes of bamboo, sandalwood, and lemongrass. Elevate your senses with scents like English Pear Freesia, Ghost, and Lady Millionaire. Transform your home into a dreamy oasis with our Wax Melt Sample Pot Kit.


Full List of Scents included:

  1. Africa
  2. Alien
  3. Baby Powder
  4. Bamboo & White Lotus
  5. Beach Blush
  6. Black Raspberry & Vanilla
  7. Cinnamon & Tangerine
  8. Coco Sandalwood
  9. Coconut & Lemongrass
  10. Mr Darcey Designer
  11. English Pear & Freesia
  12. Ghost DN
  13. Lady Millionaire
  14. Missy
  15. Mr Darcey Adventure
  16. Night-time Dreams
  17. Pink Pepper
  18. Snow Angels
  19. Strawberry & Lily
  20. Summer Fresh


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